You are unique. Your savings account should be too.

Having multiple goals is easy with this savings account!   We all know that saving can be a challenge. It’s even worse when you have a ton of different things you’re saving for at the same time. How do you keep it all straight? How do you keep yourself motivated? That I can answer in […]

Allowances & your tech savvy kid

Do you forget to pay your kids their weekly allowances? Do you never seem to have the cash on hand to pay their commission for doing their chores? If you have tech-savvy kids like I do, here’s a way to take the chore away from you. There is an amazing system simply called Current. You can either […]

How buying food in bulk can work for you

Why should you buy in bulk? She stood awkwardly and after clearing her throat to swallow down the nerves, she  stated meekly, “My name is Karen and I buy in bulk.” Buying in bulk can be a huge time saver when you need to make a quick and easy meal. Where I live in Florida, we […]

Oscar Mike: For and By Veterans

Oscar Mike- Forged in America   A few years ago I had a friend introduce to an amazing organization called Ocasr Mike. Oscar Mike is military jargon for “on the move” and that is exactly what they do. Noah Currier is an injured veteran who founded this grassroots non-profit as a way to keep other disabled, paralyzed, […]

Learning to Give Yourself Grace

Grace The disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency.   Grace is a funny thing. The gift of grace can be bestowed unto us by others, God, family, friends. We can also bestow grace on others.  Yet, there is one person that we fail to bestow grace upon… ourselves.  As women, […]

The Me Nobody knows

    mishmash Spell noun   a confused mess; hodgepodge; jumble. My name is Karen and I am blessed to be the mom of four amazing kids. This is Jessica, Abigail, Jacob, and Ashley. Yes… my poor little man is all alone in this world of women!! Ha! They range from 21-6.     Our journey has been full of […]

Life is a four letter word!

  Life  Life is “our existence, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.“ Whelp… (as you’ll see in a minute) I got the reproduction part down but that bit about functional activity I’m not so sure about! I knew that I can be active but not exactly sure that […]
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