The Me Nobody knows



 [mish-mahsh, -mash] 
  a confused mess; hodgepodge; jumble.

My name is Karen and I am blessed to be the mom of four amazing kids. This is Jessica, Abigail, Jacob, and Ashley. Yes… my poor little man is all alone in this world of women!! Ha! They range from 21-6.

Our journey has been full of about every drama you can imagine. We’ve dealt with divorce, job loss, and health issues that led to the loss of their father in May 2017. Our family has been rocked to the core as I try to help them cope with their father’s death and try to rebuild a new solid foundation.

This blog is about that mishmash we call life. These are the things I have learned, am trying to learn, or I am trying to forget. The topics could range anywhere from cooking, to cleaning, to budgeting, to saving money, to organization, and everywhere in between.

Feel free to contact me at themishmahsmommy@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you!



Life is a four letter word!

Mish mash… according to Merriam-Webster it is “a confused mixture of things, hodgepodge, jumble.” If that does not describe life then I don’t know what does. So many things are tossed haphazardly in our paths that we have to become Jacks (or Jills) of all trades.  

My name is Karen and I hail from that sauna known as Florida. I have four amazing children and yes, I am insane. Wait until you hear their ages… 21, 16 (going on 17), nearly 10 (it is three weeks away so I might as well get used to it now), and 6. That’s right, I have kids in college, high school, almost middle school, and primary elementary. So yes, yes I am insane.  I can tell you one thing I most certainly am not… perfect. I am 41 and I still struggle with money and organizing and menu planning and well, you get the idea.

This blog is meant to be about this crazy thing we call life as we spin around the universe on a rotating hunk of rock. I am starting out to have it be about everything life pitches our way. Food, money, health, home, kids, school… you name you’ll probably be able to find it here eventually. I want a place for people to share and realize that we all are still trying to figure it all out.