Life is a four letter word!



Life is a four letter word

 Life is “our existence, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

Whelp… (as you’ll see in a minute) I got the reproduction part down but that bit about functional activity I’m not so sure about! I knew that I can be active but not exactly sure that it’s always functional.  And if I know me, I’ll somehow end up late to my own funeral. 


Who am I?

My name is Karen and I have four amazing children and yes, I am insane. Wait until you hear their ages… 21, 17, 10, and 6. That’s right, I have kids in college, high school, almost middle school, and primary elementary. So yes, yes I am certifiable.  There is one thing I can tell you one thing  I can tell you one indisputable fact… I am not perfect. The 40’s have crept upon me and I am still struggling with money and organizing and menu planning and well, you get the idea.


What am I doing?

When I have that figured out… I’ll let you know!! Right now I am plodding through trying to learn how to navigate my way around this thing called life and motherhood. It’s a daunting task but somebody’s got to do it!


Where am I?

I started out my first 20+ years in the great state of Ohio. Yes, I do know what a Buckeye is and yes, the snack is amazing. I mean it’s peanut butter and chocolate… what’s not to like??  March 1999 is when I was lucky enough to start calling Florida home. I might miss my little patch of Northwest Ohio but when I get homesick I simply turn on the Weather Channel, watch them shovel, and then I’m fine!


Why am I here?

I am starting out to have it be about everything life pitches our way. Food, money, health, home, kids, school… you name it and you’ll probably be able to find it here eventually. This is a place for people to share, grow, and realize we all are still trying to figure it all out.


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  1. Lori - August 11, 2017 Reply

    Wow! I have four kids really close together (within 6.5 years) and people think that is crazy, but I can’t imagine them in so many stages! You are a saint!

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