Oscar Mike: For and By Veterans

Oscar Mike- Forged in America


A few years ago I had a friend introduce to an amazing organization called Ocasr Mike. Oscar Mike is military jargon for “on the move” and that is exactly what they do. Noah Currier is an injured veteran who founded this grassroots non-profit as a way to keep other disabled, paralyzed, and amputee veterans Oscar Mike by providing funding for adaptive sports.

What is Oscar Mike?

Oscar Mike was founded by a veteran, for veterans, and is run by veterans.  The entire inventory of the shop is made entirely of American made products. From the clothing and screenprinting to the lifelines, to the ballcaps. All 100% made in the USA.

As a proud American and avid supporter of our military men and women, I proudly purchase and wear Oscar Mike tees and give them as gifts to others I love and care about. I was ecstatic to find them at my local Bealls department store. Also, they are available at Dick’s Sporting Goods. You can purchase directly from Oscar Mike as well.

As we creep closer to the holidays where we spend so much buying presents and sliding bills into the kettle, I implore you to take a few moments to think about those who have defended our nation. Remember those who have fought bravely to allow us the continued freedom to celebrate our individual holiday in peace. Whether Christian, Muslin, or Jewish, these men, and women have sacrificed so much for us. Isn’t it about time we gave something back to them?

Learn more about Oscar Mike here.

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