You are unique. Your savings account should be too.

Having multiple goals is easy with this savings account!


We all know that saving can be a challenge. It’s even worse when you have a ton of different things you’re saving for at the same time. How do you keep it all straight? How do you keep yourself motivated? That I can answer in one word… SmartPig. That’s right. I said SmartyPig.

SmartyPig is a new type of free savings account. It allows you to set up separate accounts for all of your saving goals. Whether you are saving for your kids’ dance lessons or sports leagues, vacation, Christmas presents, car repairs, or annual expenses, SmartyPig does it all.

Once your account is opened and your funding source is linked the fun begins. You create your goals by naming them and setting target dates and amounts. If things change later on and you need to adjust the targets, delete goals, or create new ones, go for it! SmartyPig lets you do it for free as often as you need to.

You can transfer funds manually or opt to have automatic transfers in place. There is even the ability to have your paycheck direct deposited. Not only will you earn a decent APY with daily compounded interest, you will see your progress in dollars, percents, and bar graphs.

You may ask what happens if you don’t meet your goal, nothing. You adjust your goals and carry on. There is no penalty and you don’t lose anything. What if you have an emergency and need the saved funds before you reach your goal’s target? You transfer it to your funding source and take care of those expenses. When you’re ready, resume your saving.

SmartyPig. I cannot say enough good things about it.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • create multiple saving goals, as few or as many as you need based
  • flexibility to change goals as needed
  • ability to make saving automatic
  • see your progress, which is a huge motivator to keep it going
  • transfer in or out whenever you need to (it is a savings account so you are limited to 6 withdrawals a month)
  • one of the best interest rates in the country (as of this writing)
  • free… FREE!!
  • FDIC insured
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